About Us

      The concept of e-school365 is to offer a unique and online learning and examination platform, especially for Gujarat State Education Board (GSEB). In this techno-friendly generation, we endeavor our youth by providing a personalized learning dashboard that inspire you to study at your own pace and place. We aim to cater the need of 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th standard to make them prepare for future and face the challenges in this competitive era. Hereby, we introduce the fusion of education and technology for the primary subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Science, English, etc and the higher subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Higher Mathematics, etc.
Since years, we have co-ordinated with the changing educational system and today we are successfully walking step to step with the new Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) style of educational system. And thus, we serve 50,000 and more MCQs sorted by our experienced educational team. We do not want our students to be perfect rather we promise them to become great because few great people can make a huge difference.